Wallow Fire area access better defined with White Arrow System

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (ASNFs), in coordination with Arizona Game & Fish Department (AZG&F)  is working to define how you can travel in and around within the fire area. The use of the White Arrow System is a method to define forest users as they move through the area where it is safe to travel.  A very key point is the efforts taken to define how hunters can use the area.

We have attached the AZG&F news release.  It has great definations for all of us.  It actually explains how each level of forest user is toArizona Game and Fish Department move around and use the forest.  The AZG&F News Release of  August 21, 2011,  Forest Service opens additional roads within Wallow Fire perimeter using White Arrow System as one looks at the information it is quite clear there is a lot of work going on to get ready for the Fall hunts.  As you look through the links defined in the release you have a chance to really drill down to the level of information of where and how you can access the area.

The bottom line is to be very safe and as said again and again in the release,  Look Up, Look Down, and Look Around for hazards.