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Tinebook “BB”

Tinebook "BB"

As fate would have it, “BB” decided to meet with me closer to Big Lake this time rather than the Show Low area. He decided to contact me using his new wildlife social media account called Tinebook. I was amused to get the notice on my elkhabitat@gmail account and I perused some of the photos that Tinebook had to offer. “BB” is “friends” with a lot of different bulls and boys being boys, there were a few photos that showed how unique the male of all species are. Since the bachelor bulls are all gathered together, and since this is a new venture that “BB” had put together, Tinebook is almost predominantly about bulls for now. The typical chatter about “who’s got a bigger set of antlers” was prevalent, but I did copy one picture that caught my eye. It was from a distant nephew of “BB” that lives way over in the Tusayan area. His Tinebook name is “Dennis the Menace” and I have included a photo that was posted on Tinebook. I was very interested in talking with “BB” about this nephew, so armed with water and a backpack, I headed towards Big Lake. Continue reading