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“BB” the Pragmatist

BB the Pragmatist

Through the years “BB” has occasionally been in a reflective mood. Just this week he had sent me a Tine Mail message requesting a meeting. Since our last conversation he had continually Tine Mailed me tidbits of information regarding a whole myriad of thoughts and ideas. With the summer heat boiling those who live in the Valley of the Sun, I took full advantage of his request and headed for the appointed spot. True to his word, “BB” had traversed a lot of the Rim country and our meeting took place outside of
Winslow over to the Chevlon Butte area. The new moon brightened up the sky and I found him fairly easily grazing in a small opening just a mile south of the large water tank that hovers over the 99 road south of Winslow. I pulled off the main road and picked him up immediately in my high beams. For as old as he is getting, “BB” looked really marvelous. The spread on his rack was well over 45 inches and his beams were thick and growing into a massive set that would make most hunters drool come the September hunts. I shut down the Prius and headed out to talk. Continue reading