Monthly Archives: October 2014

R.I.P. “BB”


I received the call from Officer Ken Clay from the Arizona Game & Fish Department at about 3:00 pm on Labor Day. Something strange had happened and he was requesting that I immediately travel up to a remote location just east of Chevlon Butte for a meeting. Ken was a little vague about the particulars but he did say it was regarding my old friend “BB”. Since it was a holiday weekend and since traffic was coming back into town rather than headed to the mountains, I was able to make record time. I was a little concerned that “BB” himself had not called and when Ken had mentioned “BB”, I immediately began to worry. I knew that hunting season was still 2 weeks away and therefore he was not in any danger that way. I thought about those pesky Mexican gray wolves but knew they were not supposed to be in Unit 4A, but hey, those wolves have been known to wander a lot further than that. So with the hamsters being driven to maximum overdrive (amazing what those bottles of 5 hour energy drinks can do to hamsters), the Prius and I arrived at the meeting spot in less than 3 hours. Continue reading