AZGFD – Online application service now available for spring 2012 hunts

Arizona Game and Fish DepartmentThe Arizona Game and Fish Department has announced that online application service for Arizona’s 2012 spring hunts is now available as of Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011.

Hunters who haven’t yet submitted an application for the spring hunts for turkey, javelina, buffalo and bear will be able to apply online by visiting and selecting a link to the online service.

The application deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 by 7 p.m. (MST). 

Online applicants are advised to apply early and not wait until the last minute, in case any technical issues arise on deadline day.

Department officials said the new online system has been undergoing extensive testing and it wasn’t logistically possible to make the system available any sooner. They added that having the spring draw application process online, even at this late stage of the application cycle, allows the department to continue to fine tune the system for the elk and antelope draw application cycle that typically begins in mid to late December.

At the time of application you will have to pay a non-refundable application fee of $7.50 per applicant, along with the fee for any necessary licenses (a 2012 license is required to enter the spring draw; if you haven’t already purchased one, you can do it through the draw process). You will be able to print any purchased hunting licenses immediately from your computer once your purchase is complete.

The system allows payment with a credit card (VISA and Mastercard only). The cost of the hunt permit-tag won’t be charged unless and until you are drawn.

The online application service works with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (If you use Safari, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the OS and Safari browser; a few problems have been reported with older Safari versions). This application service currently does not work with mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone or other Smartphones.

Remember, if you go through the process of applying online and actually submit your credit card number to complete that transaction, you will have submitted (and paid for) a valid application for the draw.

For those not using the online process, paper applications can still be mailed to the Arizona Game and Fish Department or hand-delivered to any of the seven Game and Fish offices located in Pinetop, Flagstaff, Kingman, Yuma, Tucson, Mesa and Phoenix. Mailed applications should be addressed to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Attn: Drawing Section, PO Box 74020, Phoenix, AZ 85087-1052. Mailed applications must be received by the department by the deadline; postmarks don’t count.

The 2012 Spring Turkey, Javelina, Buffalo and Bear Hunt Draw Information booklet and applications are available at, at Game and Fish offices, and at hunting license dealers throughout the state.

For more information or to apply online, visit

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AZG&F updates on Wolf Reintroductions

The Arizona Game and Fish DepartmentThe Arizona Game and Fish Department has been informed that Mexican authorities plan to release five Mexican wolves this month at an undisclosed ranch location in northeastern Sonora, Mexico.

While the department does not know the specific date or other details at this time, it has received indications that the wolves being released will be fitted with satellite tracking collars.

Game and Fish is currently considering what, if any, impacts this release might have on Arizona’s Mexican wolf conservation and stakeholders. The department will continue to monitor activities related to the planned release and will continue to inform constituents as information becomes available.   Read the entire article from the AZG&F

For the Month of August 2011 we received the following report on the Arizona Wolf Reintroduction Project:

Definitions:  A “wolf pack” is defined as two or more wolves that maintain an established territory.  In the event that one of the two alpha (dominant) wolves dies, the remaining alpha wolf, regardless of pack size, retains the pack status.  The packs referenced in this update contain at least one wolf with a radio telemetry collar attached to it.  The Interagency Field Team (IFT) recognizes that wolves without radio telemetry collars may also form packs.  If the IFT confirms that wolves are associating with each other and are resident within the same home range, they will be referenced as a pack.


At the end of August 2011, the collared population consisted of 26 wolves with functional radio collars dispersed among ten packs and four single wolves.  Some other uncollared wolves are known to be associating with radio-collared wolves, and others are separate from known packs.

Seasonal note:  During the past three months, the IFT has been actively monitoring wolf packs to determine if females are denning in order to document wild-born pups and estimate their survival through the summer.  At the end of August, the IFT determined the following packs have produced pups during this year’s denning season:  Paradise, Hawks Nest, Bluestem, San Mateo, Luna and Middle Fork.  Three other packs, Fox Mountain, Dark Canyon and Rim, displayed denning behavior; however, the IFT has been unable to confirm the presence of pups with these packs. 

In Arizona, the IFT documented at least two pups from the Bluestem Pack, two pups from the Paradise pack, and five pups from the Hawks Nest Pack alive during the month of August.  The IFT is working to determine if any pups from the Rim Pack are currently traveling with that pack.  In New Mexico, at least seven pups were documented with the Middle Fork Pack, six pups with the Luna Pack, and at least one pup with the San Mateo pack in August.

This month, the IFT initiated fall trapping efforts to document pack status and pup recruitment in several packs in the BRWRA.  We successfully trapped and collared two new male pups from the Bluestem Pack, mp1240 and mp1242, and one new male pup from the Luna Pack, mp1241, as a result of these efforts.  The IFT will continue efforts to trap and collar other pups from the Hawks Nest, Paradise and San Mateo Packs in September.  Read the entire Report