Wallow Fire

Arizona Elk Society Commits $100,000 for Wallow Fire Elk / Private Landowner Program

The Arizona Elk Society was the first group to donate money to this program. Ron Eichelberger, Wallow Fire/AZGFD/Ranchers Liaison, responded immediately to the AES Board after receiving the request for funding. Ron’s response to the request was, “this is the reason we started the organization, to be able to respond quickly in emergency cases for the benefit of elk and our partners such as the Arizona Game and Fish and ranching community.

Because the Wallow Fire has impacted the amount and quality of forage and water on portions of the Apache National Forest, some property owners located in and adjacent to the burn areas are experiencing increased wildlife use on their private lands and pastures, primarily displaced elk. Elk have congregated in areas in Apache and Greenlee Counties just outside the north and east flanks of the burned areas, as well as some private properties wholly contained within the wildfire area. Continue reading